Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tea Review: Adagio "Fujian Baroque"

From: Adagio Teas
Type: Black
Caffeine: Yes

Fujian Baroque
Before brewing, it has a sweet, tobacco-ish scent. After brewing, it's got a nice light flavor, with no aftertaste. It's nice with sweetener and cream, but not really a morning tea, I think. It's too calm and unobtrusive - it does not really wake me up.

Fujian Baroque

As an afternoon or evening tea, I think it would be quite nice.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Weekend Fun

Had a nice weekend... got all the laundry and the dishes done on Friday. On Saturday, slept in and watched a movie (Bolt, from Disney - cute movie!), then went for sushi. On Sunday, we went for a bike ride around White Rock lake, took pics at a dog park, and then took a Sunday Drive in Dallas.

Some highlights:

In the dog park

In the dog park
Not my dogs - but aren't they CUTE?!

Got my 365 Blythe picture in Dallas on Sunday. Here's one of the shots from then:

Linden conducts

Dallas is such an interesting place. Event the parking garages can be cool!

Parking Ramp

Mural - Near Plaza of the Americas building

Here's hoping that this week will be as fun. :)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

I am definately making more of these!

Organza Flower

From a tutorial here: Reese Dixon: Organza Flowers.

I LOVE this! It was fun to make too! I picked up 4 colors of organza this evening just to make some. This was the first and only one I had time for tonight. It's going to become a hair ornament for the March Blythe Runway Challenge.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I'd like a do-over on that last week please... maybe the last month.

You know, the last 4 weeks of my life have been a hell of a roller coaster. The company I work for got bought by another company with all the panic and craziness that goes with it (which is now settling down, and it looks like it will be a Good Thing), and then last week this happened:

Sooo... this has been my morning so far

A lady turned too wide into the street on which I was stopped, and hit me from the front of my car on down the side. My poor car will be in the shop for the next 3 weeks at minimum. The good news is that I'm ok - the damage is all on the car.

Onto brighter news... :)

The February BRC ended, and I got sort of an "honorable mention" for "Most True to Concept." :) The first, second, and third place entries sooo deserved their wins - they were gorgeous - check them out:

1st: WoolyRockers

2nd: Miss Armour

3rd: Ro/wererabbit

Now I have to buckle down and work on the March challenge tonight. I have the fabrics picked out, and an idea for a hair ornament popped up, so I think I have a theme! Woohoo! :)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Note to self: believe the Google search results that tell you cotton/polyester blends will not dye with the same stuff you know works on wool.

Dying Mana Energy/White Dress Challenge dress: No go.

Dying = No Go

However, notice that sticky loop/Velcro appears to dye just fine.