Sunday, November 29, 2009

Two New Videos

I had some requests on the Milliande Creativity Club site for more video of my 16 page art journal from the Teesha Moore tutuorials. It ended up being 2 videos - 1 of the journal itself, and one where I shared the tools I used to make it.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

My Artsy Wishlist

Milliande (see the link on the right) is doing a fun and generous Christmas giveaway - people are submitting their artsy wishlists and she will pick one (or possibly more) to have one item come true. I posted mine there, but I'm copying it here. Maybe I can point certain other people to it this way ;)

1. Subscription to Somerset Studio magazine
I love that magazine, and really need to get a subscription instead of buying it at the store!

2. Claudine Helmuth's Sticky-back canvas
I really would like to play with some - I've seen some interesting projects with it.

3. Inkssentials Craft Spinner for holding my Ink Blending tools:
Anything that will keep them organized is a boon!

4. Rock Candy Distress Crackle paint & Stickles by Tim Holtz/Ranger
I have been lusting after these for awhile, I really want to play with them!

5. Grungeboard - especially the holidays one, and the sets that are sheets you can cut into your own shapes
I love the very smell of that stuff, and it's fun to play with - I have a few sets, but always want more, more, more!

6. Golden Fluid Acrylics - I've heard so much about it, I'd like to try it

7. Watercolor crayons - I've never been able to find them in an art store around here, would love to try them! I have pencils galore, but they seem different.

8. Good video editing software for Windows - I'm getting frustrated with what I have!

9. Joe Miller Signature Watercolor Travel Set
It looks awesome! And so cool!

10. Leather or canvas map case/messenger bag that will fit my art journal/sketchbook, Kindle, small zipped case of pencils, travel watercolor set, my cell phone, wallet, and keys. Something worn and scuffed that looks like something Indiana Jones or some other adventurer would carry :)

Wish I were there:
Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens in Jacksonville FL

I used to spend hours there when I was in college. I would love to go back and see if my favorites have remained the same, or if my perception of some of those works has changed over the years.

Video of Teesha Moore-style Journal

Here is a short video I made to show the beginning of my 16-page journal made from a set of tutorials done by Teesha Moore. I will be posting another video soon of the further progress. Enjoy!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Misty morning

It is Thursday, which is my Friday. It is a rosy, misty fall morning.
I am hoping for a quick workday so I can get home and work in my
studio. I have a friend coming over tomorrow afternoon so that I can
show her how to do rubber stamp embossing. I am looking forward to it,
it is always fun to watch their face when they melt the embossing

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Journal made from Teesha Moore tutorial

I made this last weekend, and really enjoyed the process. I am slowly
adding borders to the pages. More pictures as events warrant.