Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Pink and white Octopode FINISHED!

Pink and white Octopode
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I love her! I may make her some accessories, but I don't know exactly what as of yet.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Octopus in progress

Octopus in progress
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I don't know yet if I'm going to keep this or give it to one of the new office babies. I showed the pattern to my sister, and she coveted, so she may get either this one or another new one.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Stash is catalogued!

The Stash
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Yay! Hooray! Celebration time!

All of my stash (except for the really small leftovers) is in Ravelry now! I should buy new yarn to celebrate! ;) No, not really, I'm trying to use some of this up!

Here's a picture of it all together in its 12x12 cubes.

Whew! Almost done cataloguing the stash

I'm so glad I have a relatively small stash. I'm almost done moving my yarn downstairs to my room and getting it photographed and entered into Ravelry. All I have left is the Caron Simply Soft acrylic that's upstairs and a couple crochet cottons - Aunt Lydia stuff. I should be able to get it in soon.

Then, on to actual knitting and/or crochet!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Eeeeek-aaaaaa!!! - Oh, wait it's just a lizard.

I went into my closet tonight, and suddenly I felt something scuttle across my foot. I drew in breath to start shouting in alarmed surprise, then something else in my brain said "wait that didn't feel like a bug."

So I gulp and hope it's nothing lethal, grab my glasses, and start looking at the floor.

It's a Mediterranean House Gecko, a common lizard in my area. Tiny, cute, little lizards, no harm at all. They get into the house fairly often, no big deal.

So I drop to my knees, chase him down, and grab him.

I step out of the closet triumphantly, telling Mr Leezard that he can't live in my house because he will not have anything to eat, thinking I'll just take him outside, look down, and falter.

I'm wearing panties and a camisole. Nothing else. I went into my closet because I was going to put some clothes on and go to Starbucks. How the hell am I going to put him outside when I'm nearly nude?

I decided to trust to luck and put him in the bathtub while I put something on. Thankfully, I think he was stunned, and he stayed put. After dressing, I scooped him back up and put him outside.


Wednesday, August 8, 2007

I feel so shallow. I have shopped.

I went shopping yesterday. I usually hate shopping. The girl genes that seem to make most women love shopping and makeup and shoes are defective in me. But I've been trying to rebuild my wardrobe and stop wearing only t-shirts and jeans all the time. So off I went - determined to find either a new pair of sunglasses, or jeans, or a skirt, or shoes.

Apparently, the fashion world has decided to align with my world for awhile - I like a lot of the clothes that are out now! There's a lot of hippie/bohemian influenced stuff out there.

I went into a Sunglass Hut at the new shopping center in Arlington. My god, there are some ugly sunglasses out there - they are like billboards with the designers' names on the earpieces in huge letters, and they are 200 bucks! But I did find a nice pair of tortoiseshell patterned ones from DKNY that were on sale for 50 bucks. I would have never thought I'd spend that much for plastic sunglasses, but these ARE very nice - they feel good on my face, fit well, look nice, and most importantly are pleasant to look through. The nice guy who waited on me was delighted to throw my 15 dollar cracked dime store pair in the trash!

Then I looked around at some other stores in that shopping center, but decided to wait on anything there - though I like a lot of the clothes at Coldwater Creek it seems like most of their stuff is dry clean only. So I hopped in the car and went to the mall.

I found some really cute Vans-style shoes with skulls all over them. They are made of awesome, though not comfy until I put some inserts in them. I also got some cheap black sneakers that are kind of punk-rock shabby. I found out that Bath and Body Works doesn't make Peony-scented stuff anymore. Blast it.

To round out my evening, I went to Walgreens to look for a diffuser for my dryer, and a new hairbrush. They didn't have any diffusers that I could find. I ended up going to that pit of evil known as Wal-Mart since it was the only thing open by then - yes, I violated my personal anti-Wal-Mart bias and gave them money. I ended up getting a new hairdryer since you apparently can't get diffusers by themselves - only with hairdryers. I also found some little camo ditty bags with skulls all over them. I love skulls.

Next payday, I HAVE to get jeans though - all of mine are getting worn out, and not in the "people want to pay good money for jeans with holes" places. I'm not looking forward to that. I'm picky about jeans, they have to fit just right or I'm not happy about it, even though I end up keeping what I get for a couple years as "backup" jeans when the one or two pair that I like the fit of are dirty.

I need to clean the shelves in my closet off so I can arrange my shoes on them. I think I'm done shoe shopping for awhile, except I still want a pair of black mary-jane style flats.

I am also on a quest for the Perfect White Shirt. One that is comfortable, resists wrinkles, and goes with jeans and skirts. And looks good on me.

I have makeup in my purse now. When did I become a girl?