Thursday, October 30, 2008

Tea Review: Adagio's Blood Orange

From: Adagio Teas
Type: Herbal
Caffeine: No
Blood Orange Tea
Ingredients: Orange peel, hibiscus flowers, apple pieces, rose hips, and safflower

I really enjoyed this herbal infusion. It has a pleasant, tangy citrus flavor. When I first sipped it, the first thought that hit me was that the next time I have a sore throat or cold, this is what I'm drinking. It would make a great "comfort" tea for those times.

The individual pieces in the tea are large, so I did add quite a bit of it to steep, because I was afraid I would not get a good mix of all the ingredients if I didn't. After steeping, the bits and pieces really plumped up and were quite interesting looking! This tea needs plenty of room to expand during the brewing process, so keep that in mind - one of those tiny tea balls would not do it justice.

For a sweetener, I used two packets of Splenda. It was just right.

I had some dark chocolate stashed away, so I ate a square of it while drinking the tea, and it was a wonderful pairing. Dark chocolate and orange go very well together.

I found myself wishing I'd brought some to work. Their website is right - it IS addictive!