Monday, November 10, 2008

Flipping and Marking

I spent most of my weekend making plans for a "Crafternoon Tea" crafting party a friend and I are planning to host seasonally in 2009. The first session is going to be making spirit houses/shrines out of foam-core board and decorating them, a la Carol Owen. I've been flipping through my back issues of Somerset Studio magazine (one of which was an article from Ms. Owen, which I used to create a shrine of my own awhile back), and marking the various shrines published there for inspiration for the class/session/whatever.

The next step will be to get the foam-core boards and pre-cut the "houses" for the shrines. Basically making a kit for the base of the project. Then each person will assemble and embellish their shrine, by covering it with paper and other ephemera, and placing items within. My exacto knives are going to get a workout!

After the kits comes the menu planning :) I'm figuring tea, light sandwiches, and cookies; maybe scones and cream.