Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Craft room re-org progress

Craft room re-org
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I was so very tempted to call in sick and work on the room today! But I was a good little worker and did not.

As you can see, I pulled everything off the cube shelving, flipped it, and kajiggered the two top cubes to the new top. I'm thinking of getting some bins that will fit in the cubes to hold my yarn instead of just plopping the skeins directly in there.

Like my vintage tablecloth on the center table? It belonged to my grandmother, but it is pretty age stained, so I wouldn't put it on a dinner table. But since it's already stained, I don't feel bad about putting it on my craft table, and it's pretty!

More (and better - excuse the cell phone pic!) pictures to come as I finish the current re-org.

Have you been busy in your craft room? How is your organization in there?


Courtney said...

Oh, about the yarn! I've built some of my cubes so instead of having an opening at the front, they have it at the top, like a little bin. I'm using those to hold yarn and unfinished sewing projects. :D Just an idea.