Thursday, June 7, 2007

Low Impact Week Update - Almost Through!

I'm not getting everything I wanted done, but I have done some things, so I feel pretty good about it. My goals were:

  • Buy organic and local food
  • Call Earth Shoes to stop the double catalogs
  • Line dry clothes
  • No take-out if I can't recycle the packaging
  • Save shower water while heating for watering plants
  • Set up rain barrel
  • Take my bike for errands
  • Take shorter showers
  • Try a 100% recycled TP
  • Tun off water at kitchen sink
  • Turn off the TV for the week
  • Turn off the water when brushing teeth
  • Use cloth napkins and towels
How I've been doing:

I bought a mix of organic and non-organic. Nothing local, unfortunately. I did email Earth, and they removed the duplicate from the system. I line dried one load of clothes - I need to toss in another load tonight and string it around the house :) I have dried 2 loads in the washer. But hey, it was one less!

I ate out at lunch Monday - the Taco Bell run. Tuesday, a co-worker bought pizza and gave me a couple slices. I've been bringing my lunch otherwise. I ate my last frozen dinner last night - plastic dish there, but I can clean it and put it in the recycling.

I've been saving the initial shower water for plants. Didn't set up a rain barrel, but I'm still debating that one with the whole "water off the shingles isn't good for you" thing. I only have one decorative bed of plants, and it still has herbs in it, so I'm not wanting to put "contaminated" water on it.

I definitely took shorter showers - I'm known in my family for long showers, so that's good!

Didn't get to try a recycled TP - I'll do that when I buy it next - still had rolls to use.

Didn't really run water in the kitchen, because I've been letting the dishes pile up. Need to clean the kitchen!

Only watched 1 half hour show on TV this week (Creature Comforts - I'm an Aardman fan). Had the telly on for about 15 min Saturday morning till I figured out Real Simple wasn't going to be on - I've been trying to see if it's any good, but have only gotten to see one ep!

Turn off water when brushing teeth - been doing that!

Use cloth napkins and towels - only had one slip up on that! Yay!

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