Friday, June 1, 2007

Low-Impact Week (x-posted from LJ)

Crunchy Chicken is "hosting" a Low Impact Week, check it out! It starts today. Um, today kinda snuck up on me - I meant to do this list earlier, so my week will start after work today and go to after work next Friday.

Basically, you choose something (or more than one thing) to do from each area of impact. There are some things I've already done (some all my life). What I'm doing here is listing the whole list, in case someone else wants to copy it.

I'm doing a strikethrough on things I'm not going to do
I'm changing things I already do to italics
I'm changing things I am going to do this week to bold.
1. Reduce energy consumption -
# don't turn the heat above 65 during the day and 60 at night (put on a sweater and dig out those blankies!); for our southern friends, set the A/C to above 90
# unplug appliances when not in use that still draw energy when off (like your cell phone charger)
# turn off the TV unless you are actually watching something
# use the air dry on your dishwasher instead of heat dry
# use only cold water in your washing machine
# line dry your clothes instead of using the dryer*
# turn off the TV for the week and do something else instead (read a book, visit with friends/family)*

2. Reduce water usage -
# take shorter showers and/or use a water saving showerhead
# turn off the water when you're brushing your teeth
# be aware of water usage when at the kitchen sink - turn it off in between tasks
# save the water in a bucket that is discharged while warming up the shower and use it to water plants or for other things*

3. Change your food habits -
# try to buy organic and/or locally grown food
# minimize pre-packaged foods and make more of your own from scratch
# use cloth bags at the grocery store instead of getting paper or plastic*
# don't get take-out if it means non-recyclable packaging*
# try eating vegetarian or vegan for the week (choose your level from egg/dairy acceptable to no animals products at all)*

4. Reduce your dependence on paper products -
# print out only what is necessary
# try out a a 100% recycled TP and tissue brand
# don't use paper towels; when you can, use cloth napkins or towels instead (e.g. public restrooms)*

5. Reduce your garbage output -
# recycle everything you can (for your area)
# donate used items to a charity (many have pick ups and drop off locations) instead of throwing them out or taking them to the dump
# compost your food waste and soiled paper products*

6. Reduce Single Occupancy Vehicle usage -
# carpool when taking trips or going out to eat with friends
# take the bus or other public transportation to work and on errands* - I'm going to try and use my new bike for this!

7. Do something that lasts more than a week -
# replace one bulb per day with a Compact Fluorescent light bulb
# take your name off of junk mail and mailing lists for catalogs you don't want
# sign up for an alternative energy plan if available in your area
# set up a compost bin for your food scraps*
# set up a rain barrel to capture water for watering your yard*
Some things I'm not trying because they aren't practical (for me) - like the AC thing - I can't put it above 90 because I've got Annie at home. I do have it set for 80 though, and I open my windows when it's below that. It's settling into summer here though, and the heat will start in earnest soon.


Oldnovice said...

We've signed up to have a Climate Party in association with Move On in the evening on July 7, Leigh, if you're in a position.

If nobody signs up to attend, we'll try to attend a similar event in the area on that evening.

Check It Out.

Leigh said...

I'm not clear from the website what a Climate Party is, but I think I can make that date.