Monday, April 13, 2009

My Craft Room

My craft room is kinda messy. I planned on cleaning out the closet today, but ended up crocheting a hat and lazing around all day. I'm going to list off what I want to do in the room to give myself a checklist.

The pit of a closet
This is the closet. The horrifically messy closet. I have a lot of my fabric stash in the hanging thing in the middle, but it just ends up sagging. I am going to pull the fabric out of there and store it in the chest of drawers by the desk:

Craft Room Plans
The brown drawers on the left is what I mean. But I want to strip and repaint them. I'd like to hang some of these Ikea cabinets from the wall above the desk: Aspvik Cabinet. And make one of those ribbon criss-cross inspiration boards to hang below it. I also need to organize the white plastic drawers under the desk for paper arts supplies. I also need to come up with some sort of lighting solution. The lamp takes up too much prime space on the desk. Maybe strip lighting for under the Ikea cabinets.

Yarn Wall
I also want to get some organization going in the cube shelves. That's were I keep yarn, and some of my scrapbooking & other paper arts supplies, as well as my extra sewing machine. I want to put a window treatment on the window, and maybe get a taller bookshelf for the wall by the green banner.

Back over to the closet - there's tons of stuff in there that I probably don't need, and can be stored someplace else. But I am not sure what to actually keep in there, besides Blythe boxes :)

And the really big wanna for the room is paint and a wood floor. We shall see about that, though.

But that's enough about my craft room plans for now. I'm doing a giveaway of a Blythe hat on my doll Linden's blog. :) Head over there if you're interested!