Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Propagating Rosemary

Rosemary Plant

If you have one good sized rosemary plant, you can have two very easily.

To grow this small rosemary, I bent a young branch from my large rosemary plant down to the ground, covered it loosely with dirt, and placed a stone on top of it to keep it weighted down.

I waited for about a month, and then removed the rock and gently pulled it up to check for new roots. Once I confirmed the branch had its own new roots, I cut the branch from the mother plant close to the new roots.

I planted the new plant in it's new home, and ta-da! New rosemary plant! A year later and it has quadrupled in size.

Now to trim back the rosebush so it doesn't eat the little guy ;)

I've got another one "started" that I need to check on, and I'll be able to plant a new bush in my front garden.