Monday, May 18, 2009

Wonderful Weekend

All the swap outfits
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All in all, I had a very nice weekend.

First, on Friday, as mentioned in my prior posts, I fiddled around with making some flower embellishments.

Then on Saturday, I went to Etsy Dallas' Spring Bash craft fair. It was fantastic. I managed to get one of the 50 swag bags, and it was EXCELLENT! Well worth the drive from Grand Prairie to Dallas alone - there were real usable items in there - 2 pendants, a ring, earrings, magnets, chocolate (woo!), a votive candle, soap, and MORE! I definitely want to make sure I go next year as well. This was the "First Annual" so hopefully it will keep going.

Afterward, I went by Joann and got enough fabric for 3 skirts (plus a little, just to be safe) along with zippers, matching thread, and interfacing for bags.

Once I got home, I prewashed my skirt fabric, and started working on the dress for my Blythe meet Sunday. We do swaps fairly frequently, usually with some sort of theme/challenge. This time, we were given a specific (different) fabric each, and assigned a person to make something for. I made the blue toile dress in the picture above.

On Sunday, I had a Blythe meet. We had brunch at Cafe Brazil, which wasn't bad. I received the outfit that my Heather Sky is wearing there (with the hat, skateboard, and pink boots) from Tess. I love what I got, and Mandy says she loves the toile, so yay!

Now the goals for tonight are to work a bit on the May BRC, and at least cut out the fabric for one skirt. As well as 15 minutes of housework (boo, hiss!).